The Eye Traveler Review

Boston's North End, everyone knows it, likes it, and needs to visit it when around. I've never been a fan because of many reasons. Last night I was invited to Terramia and I have to admit it was by far my favorite in the "End"!

Funny story, when my Italian friend came to Boston for Harvard summer class last year, I took him to the Northend to have a taste of little Italy. The thing about Boston is that everything closes relatively early, when we got there most of the places were closing up. With our growling tummies we stumbled upon a little gem in a small alley, it was empty but us. With a little hope the food turned out to be surprisingly authentic & delicious. Neither of us can recall the name of that place anymore.

But I think I've finally found a replacement!

Give me your hand, and I will show you the world(Terramia)!

We started off with endless Prosecco"Maschio" Brut.

Our waiter was utterly sweet and explained the name "Terramia" means the land. The land of deliciousness, I endorse that!

Once everyone is seated, the waiter brought plates of classic italian Caprese salad. Fresh sooooft mozzarella on tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil and topped with basils.

Next up is Frittelle Di Aragosta, fresh Maine lobster fritters topped with crispy vegetables in a balsamic honey glaze. Those buns are fried to perfection, you have to try them yourself!

Zucchini flowers stuffed with cheese.. Drizzled with truffle honey dressing… I can tell you with confident, this baby is eyerollingly good and way better than the ones at Il Panino. IMG_5501

Here's a bonus for you, everything on the menu they can make them vegan style! Yasss! I am snap happy about it because I have so many vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free friends, this is GOD send!


I went with house special, sea bass on risotto swimming in delicious sauce which contains capers, olives, and grilled baby tomatoes.

The sea bass is super fresh and nicely crunchy outside, buttery tender once you bite in. IMG_5511

Just look at this plate of raviolis..

Hudson valley duck breast with wild mushroom risotto, broccoli rabe, cherry red wine reduction and green sauce.

Lobster ravioli

We washed down bottles of wines while the food kept on coming.

And all of a sudden the place just got so quiet, everyone was diving deep in their food.


What's better than dessert after a great meal? I highly suggest the pudding bread, it was orgasm in the mouth kind of good…IMG_5655

The chocolate cake was deliciously creamy! If you're a chocolate fan, you should try this.


We said our goodbyes and headed home with full bellies and full hearted happiness.

I've definitely changed my mind on this cute little neighborhood.

Here's the menu , go on make a rvs and promise me you'll try every dessert!IMG_5645

Good night little Italy!