Recent Hits – Boston Bites

Over the past few weeks, I've tried many new restaurants, but what jump out was Terramia.

flight_pastaOn Monday nights, head to Terramia in the North End, which hosts a weekly "pasta flight," allowing you to select three of their beautiful, hand-made pastas.

Whether your opting for a classic Carbonara or feeling extravagant with truffle risotto, you can't go wrong.

I tend to play it simple with Italian food, preferring the sauces and cheese to stand out the most, so I ordered the classic spaghetti con pomodoro, gnocchi amatriciana, and the aforementioned truffle risotto.

Each bite vividly reminded me of my days studying abroad in Italy.

lobster-frittersIf you can't make it to Terramia on Monday, don't be disappointed: any day you can order their famous, unique lobster fritters.

A decadent, tempura-esque dough is a pillowy cushion for fresh lobster.

With a sweet balsamic reduction and crispy sweet potatoes and leeks on top, this is a dish you didn't know you can't live without.