"Headed for Dinner at Terramia, North End" Painting

North End resident and artist Michael Dean shares his 24″x18″ oil painting of Terramia Ristorante on the corner of Salem and Bartlett Street. Headed for Dinner at Terramia, N.End is a commissioned piece Michael recently painted for former North End resident Matt Cook. The painting is a visual representation of Matt's own charming North End story.

Matt spent over ten years living in the North End creating fond memories of the buildings and streets, as well as of his regular dinners and good times at Terramia Ristorante. Those memories include courting and, ultimately, proposing to his wife Jaimie, right there in the restaurant itself. Jaimie of course said, "Yes!"

exteriorNorth End resident and artist Michael Dean shares his 24″x18″ oil painting of Terramia RistoranteMatt and Jaimie now live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and, missing the North End a little, wanted something that captures all those memories in a timeless way – a way that honors their history together as well as that special feeling you get from being in the North End. They decided that commissioning a painting would be the best way to encapsulate the times they want to always remember, while also sharing their special scene with others.

They found out about Michael Dean's North End oil paintings by way of the sign in front of the art displayed in the big glass window of Silk Screening USA, a longtime custom t-shirt & sign shop on Prince Street. After telling Michael what they were after (a vertical image that includes the Terramia sign in a street scene at dusk), Michael went out and photographed the dramatic early-evening composition that you see in the finished painting above.

Matt and Jaimie were very happy with the photographs and they were thrilled with the final result: a one-of-a-kind art piece that is both traditional and modern-romantic in its dynamic representation of a universal anticipatory moment: 'Heading for Dinner' with the one you love. And in the North End, no less! In fact, Matt and Jaimie are featured in the painting, on the far right, coming down Salem and just about to cross over Bartlett, on their way to another great meal and romantic time at their favorite Ristorante – Terramia.

See more of Michael Dean's artwork on his flickr site.