Mario Nocera and Joseph Tinnirello Legacy at Terramia

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Carla Gomes Agripino opened Terramia Ristorante in 1993 with executive chef and Salerno native Mario Nocera. Terramia transformed old world classics into new world masterpieces. At Terramia, Nocera strived to preserve the authenticity and simplicity reminiscent of his Salerno roots while at the same time creating fresh, inventive interpretations of the classics.

"I want my cooking to represent the impact of the new country on the old country". " I try to experiment with the best seasonal ingredients and create dishes that celebrate those ingredients."

It has been said that the Salerno native Mario Nocera closely resembled the world-famous Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti. Indeed, Mario Nocera was as much of a virtuoso in the kitchen. "Food is a lot like music", said Nocera. "If you have too many ingredients, or too many notes, they work against each other." "You should be able to pick out the flavors in a dish like you recognize the notes in a symphony."