Carla Agrippino-Gomes

Like many Italian-Americans, North-End native Carla Agrippino Gomes, owner and general manager of Terramia and Antico Forno, grew up on her mother's Italian cooking. Then in 1993, she opened Terramia and her perception of authentic Italian cuisine was changed forever.

Prior to becoming involved in the restaurant business, Carla was a graduate of The Forsyth Dental Hygiene School at Northeastern University. Upon graduation she moved to California to work and expand her studies in Dental Hygiene. She worked as a dental hygienist for 10 years before her children were born. Although, extremely busy at the time raising her two young boys, Carla was interested in getting into the restaurant business and opened Terramia with former partner Mario Nocera in August of 1993.

"I was intrigued by the food Mario was preparing," Carla remembers. "The presentation was exquisite and the cuisine wasn't like any Italian food I had ever tasted."